2+2 Apartment & Duplexes


Project to build a 4-home apartment block on a sharply sloping plot. The issue of the slope was addressed by terracing the different units, in two different typologies. The apartments are located in the lower storeys, with an access from a new stairs joining both levels. The duplexes are built above, with an independent access from Calle Aire.

The façade on Calle Aire presents an arrangement of rhythmic, asymmetric openings which reminds us of buildings nearby. The construction, though contemporary, disappears into its surroundings, thus respecting the character of traditional architecture of villages in Almería. The façade towards the valley opens out to the views and brings the landscape inside. The terraces – the building’s natural response to the landscape and orientation of the plot – are perfect places to enjoy the sun.

Daniel H. Nadal

José Ruiz de Assín