33 Social Housing


Competition. Honourable mention

 The plot for the project is packed with singularities: its location inside of the residential net of the old town of Cuevas de Almanzora, its consideration as a limit of urban growth, its proximity to the Vélez Castle and, at the same time, the distance to the Chapel del Carmen.

Two permeable areas open transversally and structure the complex into three elements. These elements are aligned to an axis of open courtyards and vertical communication cores which resolve the conjunction by means of the inside wall of the site.

The opening of these cracks enlarges the façade´s surface improving the illumination and ventilation conditions and creating green surroundings that decompress the site´s initial situation.

The capability to arrange the complex with this sigularity implicates the generation of a sustainable project thanks to a passive conditioning system based on the control of induced thermal updrafts.

Daniel H. Nadal