19-JA House


Full refurbishment of a penthouse on two floors, located on the edge of a high vehicle traffic lane. This factor, due to its noise, and the west orientation of a large part of the main spaces, determine that the enclosure solutions must provide their protection without losing the impressive views of the west of Madrid, with the system of folding and adjustable slats taking center stage.

The program is very spacious for the size of the house. The lower level is almost entirely a continuous space, separating only the suite area from the main bedroom and the kitchen with its office-laundry room. This openness is enhanced by revealing the structure of the building, in which there are concrete and metal pillars, and keeping the continuity of the perimeter visible, without interruptions by the partition walls. The terrace runs along the entire N and W edge, and is divided with a part for the bedroom and the rest for the main space, which gives a part to the outdoor space to have a wider and usable area away from the noisiest facade.

On the upper floor there is a program of spacious rooms with a multipurpose space. The connection between both floors was arranged with two staircases, of which one is replaced by a lifting platform, relocating the other to a position that allows a better use of the façade, and gaining a more favorable position for communication between the floors.