Mothers Unit

Gran Canaria

Special penitentiary unit for mothers who live with their children. It is a new generation center, that looks for an easier and more comfortable environment for these families.

The plot presents a strongly marked and complex topography which clearly determines an implementation of the surrounding while keeping necessary soil movements to a minimum and optimizing the necessary space to illuminate the complex.

The scheme consists of two longitudinal elements which are banded together at their ends by a short volume that contains access and control of the Center. Inside remains an open central place from which the recreation areas of the Center extend. Resulting from the site´s difficult topography the scheme contains several courtyards to guarantee an efficient illumination and ventilation of the complex. Even though the courtyard forms a self-contained space, it is divided into two zones with different characters: in one of them, small children can remain while their mothers invigilate them at close range, the other one is a general recreation area.

Daniel H. Nadal