New Lecture Hall for Francisco de Vitoria University


Project for a new building to be used primarily as a lecture hall for this university. Situated in a strategic location on the campus, it provides continuity to a brilliant previous intervention that constitutes the architectural reference. The building is a clean rectangular volume, with three floors above ground and two below, which houses a programme of classrooms and workshops, as well as an administrative area. The façade facing the central space of the campus is fully glazed, with specifications adapted to the demanding western orientation. The east façade, on the other hand, faces a motorway and its main requirement is sound insulation. The tight budget dictates low-cost solutions, such as the prefabricated façade panel, and will determine the rigour of the interior finishes.


As part of the scheme, the project proposes the creation of a large agora for events and student gatherings in the central space of the campus, occupying a footprint similar to that of the adjacent sports hall, but where the latter rises above ground, the agora sinks below ground level to form a terraced seating area, allowing a continuous reading of the entire complex. This sunken area is connected to basement level -1, from which this space is directly accessible and which extends beyond the main volume.


Between the new building and the agora, the client has requested the construction of a freestanding metal structure connected to the main volume, which will serve to solve the evacuation of the building.