Model architectonic for Adviser channel AEGON


From AEGON values borns a new conception space to convey the essence: the glass circular room. The center is the person and the circunference is AEGON, in contrast to the impredictable, offers certainty, transparency and reliability. The people circunstances are always different and changing, such as the different spaces where the new brand AEGON image will be implemented. The best defense against the variety in the adaptation, is the perfect shape with less friction, the circunference. To remove uncertainty it is incorporated in the projetc argument.

This idea is the heart of the proposal . The meeting room is a closed transparent glass cylinder, where the vision of the rest of the people reinforce the complicity among members, the trust expands, and there are no predominant areas. This generates a relaxed atmosphere enhacing AEGON to transmit their message.

We have acoustic and visual privacy inside the room, and if it where neccesary mobile curtains. From the exterior the formal importance and the repetition help us to identify the place with AEGON. Three sizes of meeting room are standarized to implement in each office according to the neccesities.

The materials help to develop the image, and make the difference from the private area, with a celing of fibre planks to ride the acoustic confort