Rehabilitation of Vegas de Matute Palace

Vegas de Matute, Segovia

Restoration of a 16th-century palace, the former Palacio de la Sierra, in the Segovian town of Vegas de Matute.

The building had undergone several modifications and updates over the years, the last of which was a study centre with a residence that filled it with rooms and internal divisions. The building is organised around a porticoed courtyard, typical of Castile, with access from two points on opposite corners. On the one hand, from the entrance hall on Calle de la Iglesia, and on the other, from the garden via a staircase.

The ground floor can be accessed from the courtyard, although it is on a higher level and the difference in level must be overcome at each of the access doors. There are also two staircases, one existing and wooden, the other now demolished and to be rebuilt in stone.

The upper floor is developed on three sides of the courtyard, where a perimeter gallery opens onto the rooms.

The basement occupies the entire floor of the building around the courtyard and opens onto the courtyard above the rooms. It is mainly used for plant and storage.

The project aims to restore the building to its original state by providing two large living rooms, one on each floor above ground level, a master bedroom, kitchen and dining room on the ground floor and four bedrooms on the upper floor.