In MVN Arquitectos we are an architectural office made in 2005 and directed by Diego Varela de Ugarte and Emilio García Medina.

The main point of our work is to improve the relationship between people and their environment transforming the space in which we live. To this end, our architecture seeks maximum use of light, energy and natural resources. Not only we create more living space, but we understand that as the only way to adapt to the environment and live sustainably.

These ideas are supported by over 20 years of professional experience, developed first in architectural offices of high national and international prestige, and then from our own office, through projects of different complexity in which environmental quality is always a design argument. This has enabled us to deepen the knowledge of bioclimatic architecture and technologies for the exploitation of the natural environment.

Our LEED training allows us to advise our clients and develop the project for obtaining this certificate which has a high strategic value for many companies.

We have been using BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology for our design work through Revit Architecture software since 2007. We were pioneers at the time, and today we are experts. Over the years we have developed our own methodology of work, incorporating continuously new BIM tools that keep us at the forefront of this working environment that is increasing its value nationally and internationally.

About us

Emilio Medina

1992 Architect ETSA Madrid
2004 Project Director Accredited Professional by AEIPRO
1993-1996 Instituto de Control, Asistencia, Ensayos y Sondeos
1996-1997 Julián Angosto office and freelance activity. Madrid
1997-2004 Project Director at IDOM-ACXT
2005-Act MVN Arquitectos.

Diego Varela

Architect ETSA Madrid. 1996
Accredited Professional  LEED AP BD+C by USGBC. 2011
Leonardo scholarship at Alison & Peter Smithson. London. 1996
Norman Foster & Partners. London 1997-2000
Project Director at IDOM-ACXT. 2000-2004
AVA Architects 2004
MVN Architecs 2005-Act
Associate Professor. Bioclimatic Architecture. CJC University. 2002-2007
Research Consultant. Rafael Escolá Foundation. 2003-2004
Associate Professor. Design Studio. CJC University. 2005-2007
Director of Bioclimatic Architecture on line course Structuralia. 2009-Act


Alejandro Martínez Olivares, Architect
Alfonso García del Rey, Architect
Alicia Castilla Márquez, Architect
Anna Manuela Gomes Rodríguez, Architect
Carlos Gómez de Iturriaga Piña, Architect
Carlos Mínguez Carrasco, Architect
Cristina Sánchez Romero, Architect
Cynthia Navarro Quintana, Architect
Carolina Alejandra Amestica Aguilar, Architect
Doris Feijóo Fírvida, Architect
Esaú Vázquez Rodríguez, Architect
Iñigo Baquedano Abaunza, Architect
José Ruiz de Assín Alonso, Architect
Javier Rodilla García-Nieto, Architect
Jose Manuel Pelayo Vargas, Architect
Julia López Ruiz, Architect
Paula García-Pando Álvarez, Architect
Laura Sánchez Carrasco, Architect
Lorena Cámara Conde, Architect
María Pascual Sáez, Architect
Marietta Greul, Architect
Marta Gutiérrez Arribas, Architect
Mercedes Camino de la Cal, Architect
Sara Alonso, Architect
Teresa Salgado Mata, Architect

LEED/BREEAM Certificate

Among the services offered at MVN Arquitectos it is consulting for LEED certification, certifying that the building has been designed and built following strict standards that guarantee the sustainability of the proposal. This certification is voluntary and reflects a commitment to the property with respect to the environment.

This classification system Building Sustainable LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) provides a verification by a third party, that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed to improving efficiency in all indicators more important work related to building: from the analysis of the location and its accessibility and sustainability of the solar to energy conservation, efficient water use, reduced CO2 emissions, improved indoor environmental quality and management of resources and materials.

LEED works for all types of buildings, from single family homes to corporate headquarters, and at all stages of development. Projects seeking LEED certification earn points through various areas that serve sustainability issues. From the number of points earned, the project is one of four levels of LEED classification: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum. LEED certified buildings use more efficiently the resources they need to function. Thus they use less water and energy and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. As an additional benefit, they also save money by reducing maintenance costs.

From MVN Arquitectos we always focus all our projects from a respectful perspective with the environment around us in an attempt to generate responsible and efficient architectures socially, environmentally and economically. However with this service we offer the ability to support our customers who need to obtain the LEED certification. So we are LEED Accredited by the USGBC (US Green Building Council) since 2011.